Is the Feedback You’re Receiving Useful?


Everyone is always curious as to how they are perceived by others. In the business world that view can have a huge impact upon whether or not you are successful. As a business leader you must be able to find out how your company is performing and how you can adjust to better accommodate your customers. Feedback is one of the many key assets that you as a business leader can utilize to help make your company successful. Here are a few key tips in how to find the right feedback:

  • Be specific– you must ask specific questions to get the best possible feedback. If you ask a generic question will get a generic answer. Ask about certain situations and certain occurrences that have actually happened.
  • Be direct– Don’t beat around the bush. Ask the question that you want the answer to. Let them know that you are looking for feedback
  • Be sincere– Let the person know that you care about their opinion. They have to feel like what they say matters. If they believe that the answer they give will not matter to you or not be utilized, they may be reluctant to give their honest opinion.
  • Be ready to change– If you seek feedback, you have to be ready to put it to good use. If someone gives you feedback, and you do not use it, the next time you ask they may not care to give you anything useful.

These are just a few basic elements of seeking feedback. There are many other ways to ask, but if you remember these when asking questions, you will find what you’re looking for. People always want a better experience, and they will have ideas on how to help. They may have an idea that no one had thought of before.  People are your greatest asset. You must utilize them in order to better your business.