Is a Picture Really Worth a 1000 Words?


Social media is an interesting place to be. You never really know what is going to suddenly become popular and when it will spread. A new trend on all social media sites is the use of a lot of pictures. Pictures seem to be working wonders for marketers to spread the word about certain products and the company in general. Here is a list of the best kinds of pictures that you can use on your social media site:

  • Products– Everyone is looking for the newest, sleekest item, especially when it comes to electronics. The food industry is another example of how people seeing a picture can lead to them buying it.
  • People– Pictures of your team can mean a lot to a viewer. When they can see who is working to create their product, they could feel more connected to the company.
  • Fans– Make someone famous. If a follower or customer of your company has a picture up online, they will feel honored and respected. It is always something they will remember. It can help develop a deeper connection to that person.
  • Behind closed doors– Show people what goes on in the company. If you make a product, show them how it is made.  Give them an insider’s look at how things work. Show them your team hard at work. Make them feel like they know what is going on.
  • Fancy creation– Post pictures of your fancy graphics you have made for your company. People love to see homemade creations from companies they love.
  • Collages– A collage can be a creative way to showcase multiple pictures that can garner a lot of attention.
  • Selfies– Selfies grow business. It is a proven fact that face in the picture causes it to gain more popularity.

These are a few types of some of the most popular pictures on social media. People love to feel connected to a company that they enjoy doing business with. It is so easy to keep your customers engaged with pictures. It is a solution that can easily be overlooked, but needs to be taken advantage of. Developing that connection to people is key to growing your business.