Inside Infographic Design

Over the years there have been countless design trends that have made their way in and out of our creative department. However, infographics are one trend that’s here to stay.

We’ve been integrating the essential pieces of infographics into our designs for years – pie charts and bar graphs are nothing new. But through creative design, infographics make simple concepts pop; essentially eye-candy for us everyday data lovers. Companies of all sizes have taken to using infographics to educate their audience and build their brands. Because they are so prevalent in today’s digital space, knowing the do’s and don’ts of infographic design is essential to their success.

Infographic design is unlike that of any other, which explains why so many of our clients look to us to take on the task. These projects require complex data visualization. The final product must be visually stimulating while clearly communicating a story. Like any other design project, it all starts with a storyboard. Wireframing your infographic works out any major design kinks early in the process.

Color and typography are two major elements that can make or break any infographic design. Since infographics are traditionally shared online, it’s important to use colors that are universally accepted among any audience. Neon colors are difficult to read and data can easily be lost in a sea of dark shades. Typography should accent the design, not overtake it. It’s easy to get caught up with fun fonts but oh too quickly it can lead to a design disaster.

Data is the key. No matter how great the artist, the design relies most heavily on the data it represents. The foundation behind every amazing infographic is data. The story behind that data is what will make your infographic stand out from all others. The great thing about infographics is that they’re built on “outside of the box” ideas. Designs are virtually limitless, as long as the piece clearly communicates the data-story.

We regularly use infographics to grow our client’s businesses. From social sharing to tradeshow marketing materials, these infographics communicate a brand’s message in an attractive and compact package. Below is the most recent infographic design produced by our creative department for FoodEssentials.