Increase Engagement Through Video Blogging

If you frequent our YouTube Channel or follow us on social media, you probably have noticed something different about us. We still are churning out fun, informative blogs, but we’ve been video blogging (or what the kids call it vlogging), too.  Aside from being a fun outlet, video blogging can increase engagement and build awareness.

Below are a few tips for you to consider before you decide to make your first close up.

#1 Don’t break the bank

You don’t need to break the bank on video equipment in order to start producing video blogs. A simple video recorder or webcam will serve you well. Remember: it’s about the quality of the content—not fancy editing and graphics.

#2 Poll your audience

Your video blogs should be fun and engaging. If you’re having a difficult time coming up with topics—poll your fans on social media. These videos are not only for brand establishing purposes, but to help serve your audience. Find out what is most important to them and try to focus on those topics.

#3 Relax & have fun

We don’t care if you’re selling insurance or hamburgers—your videos should be relaxed and engaging. So often, more “business-minded” companies are afraid to let their guard down. Trust us—it’s okay to have fun! Your audience will be able to relate better and you should get a better response.

Check out our favorite video blog from our President, Scott Scully!

If you’re looking to do some vlogging for yourself, we can help!

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