How to Rock at Video Marketing in 2014

video-marketingVideo marketing was a major trend in 2013, but isn’t stopping this year.  This short and sweet form of communication helps quickly evoke emotions, and can really give a visual feel to your brand.  Luckily, this form of communication is easy to measure, depending on what delivery method you’re using.

Take a look at some video trends for 2014:

  1. Interactive video experiences- Think about a user watching your video.  Creating interactive experiences, on street level, can speak to multiple senses.  This, in turn, has a real lasting effect on the viewer.
  2. Cross-screen marketing- A little less than half of the American public still doesn’t use a smartphone or tablet.  It’s important when making a video to think about it across multiple screens:  TV, tablet, mobile, desktop, or even with interactive screens.  This is a good way to include non-smartphone users at a point of sale location.
  3. Data-driven location-based marketing- This is an easy way to tailor the brand experience according to where someone is, who they are and what they like.
  4. Custom content delivery- To build up your brand and be trusted by consumers, creating awesome content they care about is a must.  This will showcase brands offering a complete experience with the customer, on multiple levels.  In turn, this will build brand/customer relationships greatly.

Overall, consumers want information that’s straight and to the point.  Videos are a good way to communicate information in a visually appealing, and more personal way.  Micro videos are gaining popularity with Instagram and Vine; the biggest challenge could be producing authentic and professional videos in that short amount of time.

The number one rule of video: Make sure you’re creating video related to your customers, and about things they care about! Video marketing can set your business apart from the rest!