How to Learn From the Expert


Everyone knows a genius that seems to know everything there is to know about being successful. It seems like nothing they do is wrong. They are the ones that people desire to be. Although the success they have achieved is incredible, the time they have to share it is limited. They realize the value of their time is incredibly high and are not always easily accessible when you desire to learn from them. Here are a few key tips in order to really be able to secure time to learn what they know:

Build a strong connection– You will want to first make a connection with that person if you do not have one already. LinkedIn connections are a good place to start to achieve an introduction. If that is not possible, do your research. You must establish a meaningful connection over a subject that will resonate with that person. Create the desire for them to want to know you as well.

Make the meet convenient– Going to dinner or coffee may be a bit cliché. It sounds easy enough, but in reality it may bring that person out of their way and take much more time than they are willing to give up. Phone calls may be the best alternative. They are easy, quick, and require no travel. If person to person is the desired outcome, suggesting a meeting place where that person will be already may convince them to say yes.

Use time constraints and be specific– Be specific about how much time you want. Never make it too long and stick to what you say. If the person knows exactly how long you desire they will be able to plan their day around that time period and will appreciate the gesture. This will make it increasingly likely that they will agree to the conversation.

Be gracious– Thank the person even before they agree to meet. Acknowledge that they may be doing something they may not normally do and be thankful for the time they may extend to you. Remember they do not owe you anything and don’t forget to recognize that.

The people who can help you the most can be the hardest to reach. They can be important people with busy schedules. We all live our lives in addition to our work. Be patient with them. Any advice they extend to you can change your approach to your work. Follow these tips and the approach may just show that person that you are different from others and you understand he or she is busy. This understanding can go a long way in establishing a meaningful connection.