How to Get Your Email Opened by a Person With a lot of Email

st louis marketing agencyI currently have 4,519 emails in my inbox. I haven’t regularly deleted emails since I first got a Gmail account in 2005 (that’s my hipster cred for the day). Every day I get at least 30-40 emails and most of them get no more than a few seconds of consideration. I am an email marketer’s worst nightmare and most hoped for treasure.  Why? Because I’m an easy target.

Of the 30-40 emails I get daily, a significant portion of them are from companies. wants me to buy furniture. Gap is having another sale. Southwest is offering double miles. And how do I still get email from All of these emails are still sitting in my inbox solely because every morning I tell myself I’ll unsubscribe. And every night I never do. So what’s a marketer to do with a person like me?

Be more exclusive. As much as I love Gap’s affordable yet stylish jeans, I feel no sense of urgency when I get emails every other week about their 30 percent off sale. If I miss it this time, there’s always next week. If you want me to take you up on your offer, it’s gonna have to be a good one.

Make it worth my while. Just like Gap’s 30 percent off deals (which I actually do find to be enticing), it will take more than $10 off an order of $150 or more to get my attention. Otherwise you’ve spammed my inbox for nothing.

Get my attention. If I could do away with email subjects, I would. Unfortunately it’s not up to me. But if you want me to read your email, you better tell me why it’s worthwhile in under the 0.5 seconds it takes me to scan the subject. A long subject with no call to action means you’ve lost the chance at getting my money.

How about you — what does it take to get you to open an email? Leave us a comment!