How to Get Connected (or Stay Away) from the Presidential Debates

While there are some political comments and gaffes we’ll never forget (looking at you, Howard Dean and your strange scream) the way in which these comments are shared has greatly changed. Forget sound bites and newspaper headlines, think tweets. With tonight’s political debate highly anticipated, expect the candidates and their advisors to not only focus on their message and what they do say — but what they don’t say.

Incase you hadn’t noticed, this election season is more digital than ever. Just ask President Obama after his Reddit AMA in August. Successes, mistakes and people talking to inanimate objects are now easily communicated in 140 characters or less. Except official accounts like @mittromney and @barackobama to tweet all the action — and the mistakes of their opponent.

While the debate will be broadcast tonight on all of the major networks — including those infamous, 24/7, all politics, all the time cable channels — the TV-less masses will also have the opportunity to stay connected. YouTube will be streaming the debate and those out and about can also stay in touch through hashtags. If you’ll be AFK tonight, try searching for the obvious ones like #presidentialdebate and #2012election. Want issue-specific news? Keep an eye out for #taxes, #deficit, #jobs and #immigration.

Now it’s your turn: would you rather the election hype go away or do you stay connected to it all through social media?