How to Become the Go-To Expert

Everyone is good at something: sports knowledge, finance planning, photography, etc. Marketing those skills could be very beneficial to your career in the long run. The best way to market these skills to your community is to establish yourself as THE local expert or go-to person on the subject.  It could help you get more clients, expand your network and increase your credibility as a professional.

Trying to make yourself out as ‘the’ expert in a field makes people more critical of your abilities; instead attach yourself to a personality brand with a niche. People are more forgiving if you are wrong and people find brand personalities to be more approachable and relatable. Becoming a brand personality does not mean that you lose your professionalism –it makes you the nice expert next door.

Simply proclaiming yourself as the ‘local expert’ will get you nowhere, people find it to be arrogant. Be involved in local activities that would enhance your knowledge on the subject, try attending conventions or volunteer your services to an organization. Doing this serves as a reminder to your community that you are credible and authentic. There are several steps to becoming THE expert. If you are dedicated and consistent, your image will develop. These four steps help break it down.

1) You are the talent, it all starts with you. Create a Twitter or Facebook profile with a name that is memorable. If you are the local sports journalist, give yourself a creative name like “StatsGuy”. It will be easier for people to remember. Give people reasons to visit your social media by giving out discounts to your services or add photos with clients.

2) Create a web presence. It has never been easier to set up your own website. You can build your own for free or have some help with online tools and websites. A website presence reflects your expertise and work history. Try adding pictures or even a blog which highlights new skills that you are learning. Your website should reflect you not only professionally, but also creatively. Be consistent in colors and fonts and choose a clean layout.

3) Offer free help or advice. Try teaching people your skill for free or even offer free services to people that would need your help. These kinds of connections create your network and you become known as the go-to expert.

4) Knowledge leads to sales. Spread your knowledge through newsletters and website updates. Offer people an incentive to share your Twitter or forward your newsletter by offering discounts. This increases your chances of expanding your network.

As a professional, we know you are busy and establishing yourself as an expert can be difficult and time consuming. At Abstrakt Marketing Group, we can help you develop your image. Our social media and digital marketing department exceed in social media management, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) and even web video. Here at Abstrakt, we already know you are an expert. Let us help you take it to the next level.