How Can You Reach an Entire Generation?

Every generation has had some sort of common interest. Everyone who was born into a category such as baby boomers, generation x, etc. tends to have similar characteristics. They all seem to share a certain understanding. The latest group that marketers want to reach is the millennial generation.

The millennial group is estimated to include people born between the 1980’s to the early 2000’s.  Marketers are turning an eye to this group because as they get older they are beginning to accumulate enough wealth to be able to purchase more products.  The older members of this group are beginning to find success within their job and, in turn, earning an increased salary. Some within this group are graduating college and will be looking to purchase necessities of life such as cars and homes. As with every generation, the entire group has similar characteristics and mindsets. Some marketers have found a good way to really reach this group is through music. They have found that music entices members if this generation to interact. We see that this is true by looking at the increase in radio stations and music streaming devices such as iHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify. Music is something that this generation really seems to relate to. It has become an increasingly impressive marketing tool to reach this young generation. Its effect can also be seen on social media as well. New music or famous artists are always trending.

The use of music within advertisements can really increase the connection and feelings that they develop toward the product and company. If the person can relate to the lyrics or if it is a song they really love, the person is more inclined to purchase or at least talk about the product and advertisement. Music can increase social interaction about your product as well. This generation tends to be very social media inclined and likes to be constantly updating and interacting. If you want to reach this generation, a trendy or popular song may just be the key to success.