Holy Timeline: New Features for Marketers Part 1

Do you have a brand page? Have you dived into Timeline? If you’ve been paying attention to the constant stream of news updates related to Facebook lately, then you understand how big the waves Facebook Timeline is creating among brands. We were thrilled when we learned that we were getting the same “look” as personal Timeline pages. Now we’re beyond ecstatic that our page capabilities have changed more than just aesthetically.

As the office was buzzing about the new Timeline features this morning I overheard a coworker comment, “If I was a small business I wouldn’t even bother getting a website and just use Timeline.” Maybe this is jumping the gun on what Timeline can do for your business, but then again, maybe it’s not. Timeline certainly offers features comparable to a great website. Among those features and changes that come with Timeline are customer service and interaction for marketers.

As a brand, one of the most irritating aspects of Facebook previously was that we couldn’t message users directly. The social media gods must have been listening when they made this Timeline update because our prayers have been answered— direct messaging to users is now an active feature on Timeline brand pages! Now if you are a brand page admin, I doubt there is a need for me to explain to you what this means for your business, but just for kicks, let’s talk about it. This update means increased customer interaction; we can finally respond to customer inquiries privately, away from the public display of our Facebook wall. The new feature also means a greater opportunity to build customer relationships and meet the needs of your customers on a single platform — it’s genius!

I know, this mind-blowing information may be a lot to take in, but isn’t it exciting? Take some time to explore Timeline and your new capabilities as a brand page. We will be back soon with an update on some of the other new features!