Have You Facebook Homed Yet?

When we saw the release of Facebook Home, we were expecting it to make a splash. With all the advertising dollars Facebook has put behind the software, we’re not too surprised to see that around 500,000 people have already downloaded it. What we want to know is, are they using it?

Ideally, Facebook home makes everything on your phone “friendlier” or easier to use with the idea that this software can help you “never miss a moment.” Unfortunately from what we’re seeing in early reviews, users aren’t too impressed with what Facebook Home brings to the table. I personally have a phone with the capability to download the software and had been waiting to do so… until I saw the feedback.  Current users seem to feel it’s really not worth the hype. Sure, initially it seems like a cool, sleek software. But after the new factor wears off, you’re stuck wondering how practical it really is. From my perspective, the only people I can see keeping this software on their phone is true Facebook junkies.

It’s only been a short time since its release so I think it’s fair to say the verdict is still out. Tell us if you’ve Homed yet and what you think of it. Is it a keeper or fail?