Habits Hurting Your Twitter Following – Part 3

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing several different actions that can hurt your Twitter following. With Twitter becoming an increasingly important tool for growing your business, it is important you use it wisely. Here are some things your business needs to avoid doing on your Twitter account that may send up red flags.

Not helping others. Whether it is simply retweeting a great piece of content or replying to questions from your followers, it is important that your company’s Twitter account exist to help consumers. Keep them informed and educated – consumers should know that your Twitter account is there for them when they need their questions answered. Being the resource that is the problem-solver of your industry will help place you in a position of authority.

Mixing business with pleasure. You should never ever (ever) tweet messages meant for a personal account on a business account. Like, ever. Besides confusing a personal account with a business account, the tweets you send out should be professional grade. While larger companies, like Taco Bell, can get away with sending personal-sounding tweets, a smaller business should stick to being professional.

Not connecting to your followers. Social media is focused on building relationships. Just like any relationship, you need to put in effort. How do you put forth effort on Twitter? Engage them – ask them questions and get to know your audience better. Show that you’re interested in your consumers, not just trying to sell them something. Also, be sure to reply to all “@” tweets (mentions) in a reasonable amount of time. No more than 24 hours should go by without a response.

By avoiding these bad habits, you can have a quality online social presence and become the leader in your industry. Want to start building your social media presence but don’t know where to start? Abstrakt Marketing Group is here to help! We offer full agency services and can develop a custom social media strategy for your business. Contact us and see what we can do for you!