Habits Hurting Your Twitter Following – Part 2

Last week, we discussed some habits that are hurting your Twitter following. Because Twitter is such an important tool for growing your business, we’re back this week with another round of bad habits.

Here is this week’s edition of habits your business should avoid on Twitter:

  • All you do is talk about yourself. We all have that one friend who does nothing but talk about themselves. As much as we may love them, interacting with them can become unpleasant. Your business’ Twitter account is no different. If all you ever tweet about is your business, consumers will be turned off. Try to only mention your business or services when asked or when directly responding to a need. Give your followers valuable information that is useful to them and more followers will come.
  • Not using background space. On your Twitter page, the layout provided offers an opportunity for branding. This space is very important and should be used wisely. Use all of this extra space to display the personality of your company and its people, giving consumers a mental picture of your business. This space also allows for the display of contact information and other relevant social media pages.
  • Impersonal avatars. Like with the background space, the avatar for your profile should be used as a way to put a face with your business. Avoid using your business name or logo – these can come off as impersonal. Social media is all about people – make your avatar reflect the people side of your business, not your brand name.

Twitter is essential for growing your business. However, using it ineffectively can be detrimental. Following these tips can help you efficiently use your Twitter account and grow your business. Looking for help with your social media? Abstrakt offers solutions for all of your social media needs. Contact us and follow us on Twitter to find out what we can do for you!