Graphic Design – Does it Matter?

Art as a form of creative expression has been around centuries. While the mediums artists use to create have changed, their work has remained important. Through advertisement, graphic design has been making its way into our lives since we were born. Before computers, designs were hand drawn. With the explosive growth of computers and the Internet, graphic design has become the newest method that artists use to create. So does graphic design matter to businesses? YES! Computers and the Internet have created an additional need for well-designed pieces.Graphic-Design

The four following reasons (credibility, consistency, brand strength and communication) represent reasons why graphic design is a vital part of your business.

Credibility. Think of the last few times you met someone for the first time. Before even speaking to them, did you have a perception of what they were like or if you wanted to talk to them just based on how they looked? That’s why graphic design is important. Chances are consumers will come into contact with an advertisement, website, or display for your business before they ever make contact with you. You want them to have a good visual representation of your business.

Consistency. Just like you want the products and services you offer to consumers to consistently be great, you want consistency in how your business is visually represented. By having consistent visual representations of your business, consumers will become more familiar with you. In being more familiar, consumers will begin to remember your business and think of you next time they need your product or service. Make sure all your business cards, logos, websites and advertisements are consistent.

Brand strength. Graphic design is a great way to build strength into your brand. For example, Apple is recognized by the apple with the bite taken out. Through this imagery, Apple has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. One important consideration for your brand is to register a trademark for any marks your business creates to protect the strength that you build into the mark.

Communication. Don’t forget the core reason why you are using graphic design – to communicate a message! Every phase of the design should be considering if the design is communicating your business’ message in the best way possible. Before you can have a strong design, you need a strong message!

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