Google’s Got the Answer for Everything

There aren’t many things that Google hasn’t given thought of or developed. In fact, if they haven’t developed a solution for something yet, you can probably assume it’s in the works. Their latest and greatest? Google Keep! How many times a day do you forget to write something down (or save something) and then spend time later trying to remember what it was? If you’re like me — or the rest of the world for that matter — the answer is probably often. Google Keep is Google’s latest solution to that problem.

Keep track of ideas, photos, notes and anything else while it all stays organized in your Google Drive, ready to be accessed from any one of your many devices. It doesn’t even make you type out the memos or checklists – it can transcribe your voice memos for you. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s similar to its competitor Evernote – except it’s been Googleized.

Watch the video below to learn more about Google Keep and all that it offers. As always, this makes us wonder what Google will come up with next.