Google Maps Meets the Stationary Bike

There’s a new stationary bike on the market – with a price tag of $1,299 – and it’s not branded by Schwinn or Nordic Track. Powered by Google Maps (and named the official trainer for Le Tour de France), this new stationary bike might just be more intense than your weekly spin class at the gym down the road.

As we know from Nike and the revolution of runners sharing their routes, mileage, speeds and all on and other social media sites, Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle may soon discover the value of a “share” button on the bike’s monitor. In the meantime though, you can still tell your friends, family and perfect strangers (on your Facebook or Twitter pages of course) about your rocky ride through the mountains before going to work. For more information on the Google bike, visit the ProForm website!

What makes this bike stand out from any other stationary bike in today’s rapidly-changing market? Well, this one literally drops the front half of the bike 20% closer to the floor for a down-hill affect and it lifts it upwards 20% for uphill movement. Oh yeah, and it’s a Google bike, which means it’s a smart bike. Its real name is “Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle” and it lets you pick your bike route on Google Maps. In an effort of making indoor cycling feel closer to the outdoor experience, the bike’s incline and decline adjust accordingly as you come across potholes, turns, hills and rough terrain. There are 24 pre-mapped routes to select—or you can simply customize your own.

Gravel and sharp turns not enough? How about adding some wind to the mix? Now, remember: it’s a smart bike, so it has a brain. When it comes to wind resistance, it develops a “wind profile” for the biker. Determined by height and weight, the bike automatically sets the device’s magnetic resistance to replicate the amount of aerodynamic drag the biker would normally experience if on that same route outside.

Thanks to, Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle has a built-in wireless connection that can download a route anywhere around the world. Hmm, sounds like a great opportunity to take that much-needed vacation – albeit brief – to Las Palmas in Switzerland or maybe just through the hilly streets of San Francisco.

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