Google Glass Causes Gadget Envy

I remember watching shows when I was younger and wishing they were real. Google Glass makes me think of those days because I never really expected those products to be developed as fast as they have been. From what I’ve seen in the videos Google’s released, Google Glass has me pea green with gadget envy – even though I’d probably never use it.

As it shows, it’s going to be one of those items that you want just to say that you have it. Although many of the features like photo/video capabilities and social sharing could come in quite handy. If you haven’t already taken a look at all that Google Glass has to offer, check out their video below or visit their website. Applications have already closed but when we get our hands on one we’ll be sure to give you our feedback.

Glass isn’t even on the shelves yet and people seem to have all kinds of love (and hate) for the product. For the tech lover, it’s easy to see their appeal – heck they even make sense from a professional standpoint. What are your thoughts on Google Glass: are you intrigued, or are you already over it before the rollout?