Google+: 2 Years in the Making


On June 26th, 2011, Google+ was revealed to the world of social media.  Instead of celebrating this year in its birthday suit, Google+ celebrated with a fresh new look. Plugins for websites, badges for profiles and pages, plus follow and share buttons were all redesigned.  Even though there wasn’t a big birthday announcement (like the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby), Google+ did have a special logo appearing on their website.  But before all those changes, let’s travel back to 2011 when Google+ was first launched.

The thrill around Google+ in the months before its launch made expectations high.  Many said Google+ would surpass Twitter or Facebook.  I, too, jumped on the Google+ bandwagon thinking it would be the new social networking site all my friends would use.  When the time came for Google+ to become publicized, however, all the buzz seemed to have simmered.  By 2012, Google+ was a ghost town, coming in fourth place behind LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Goggle+ was not seen as a competitive social network.

Two years later, Goggle+ now has more than 300 million active users.  Google+ has simplified its look for ease of use, unlike Facebook’s layout.  In addition to the redesign, they have also made it easier to upload photos. Google+ Hangout brings a lot to the table with its ability to video chat with multiple people and its fun features like Google Effects.  Goggle+ is now seen as a social network site that can be on the levels of Facebook and Twitter.

Even though I was never an avid Google+ user, one of the reasons why I stayed was because of its unique features.  I personally like the Google+ Hangout the best and think it is more effective to use compared to Facebook’s video chat feature.  Google+ is more about discovering and engaging.  With so much improvement in its appearance and usability in just two years, I wonder what else Goggle+ will be offering in the upcoming years!  Do you think Google+ will continue to grow?