Getting Those (Literal) Creative Juices Flowing

Drink Cart Friday. Pinewood Derby. Jelly Bean Challenge. Yep, we have a pretty good time here at Abstrakt Marketing Group. Nothing gets the ol’ hamster wheel spinning like some fun in the office. On Friday, we took that fun and creativity to a whole new level. How, you ask?

After an email circulated the office about a “miracle fruit,” the brave Elizabeth Hyden, Marketing Analyst, ordered some of the berries purported to (temporarily) change your taste buds. Vinegar suddenly is supposed to taste as sweet as apple juice and goat cheese is rendered into cheesecake on the tongue. We decided we had to try them.

How to Get Really Really Creative in Just a Few Steps:

  1. Order the “miracle fruit.”
  2. Eat the “miracle fruit” (but not the seed).
  3. Eat food you would never consume on its own (Tabasco sauce, fresh green tomatoes, soy sauce, entire lemons).
  4. Let the creativity flow through you.
  5. Profit.

The experience was one like our taste buds had ever imagined. Lemons were suddenly as sweet as an orange covered in a pound of sugar. Tobasco sauce was like sweet chili sauce. Sugar coated candy still tasted like sugar coated candy and olives were still just as gross as ever. The trick seemed to be to find foods high in acid to get a punch of sugar in your mouth. The good news? The sensation is gone in less than an hour.

After we stopped worrying about whether or not “water tastes like water,” we were back to business as usual – blog writin’, lead generatin’, facebook updatin’ business as usual. Who says you can’t have fun at work?