Getting “Social” with Social Media

The debate is over. The verdict is in. The fat lady has sung. The consensus is that social media, if used in the right way, can be an effective tool for lead generation. We’ve already told you how you can use social media for lead generation – so you’ve got your blog, your Facebook page and your Twitter account. Now what?

Now we get social. Much like a conversation in real life, social media is a two-way street. Nobody wants to be talked at or do all the talking. When you’ve got fans posting on your wall or replying to tweets about how great your service was, you’ve got to respond. If there were 25 posts overnight talking about your new product – that warrants relevant responses. Consider your 140 character response or comment the 21st century equivalent of a thank you card. Maybe it’s not completely necessary, but it’s a really nice gesture and a good reflection on your company.

Just remember: responding to comments is just half the battle. The other half is starting them yourself. LinkedIn groups are a prime way to pose (and answer) questions relevant to your industry. Either way, LinkedIn is the social media playground for business pros; answering the right question might just be the perfect segue into your next B2B relationship.

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