Getting Creative: How Advertisers are Saving You Money

What would you say if you could get a crazy discount on a product or service you actually wanted? The only catch is you’ve got to make yourself into a literal walking (or driving) billboard. For some Budget Rent a Car customers in Atlanta, it’s a deal worth snatching up.

According to one customer, a multi-day rental which would have cost her several hundred dollars was only $88 when she drove around in a pimped out, advertisement slathered rental car. She was asked to fill out a questionnaire about what types of areas she would be visiting and driving through to answer the most important question of all: who would be seeing these ads?

While this might sound a bit over the top and potentially unorthodox, more and more advertisements are popping up in our daily lives that we consent to for a bit of a discount. Ever used an iPhone app that was free and powered by ads? A lot of people would rather save the $3.99 and see a few ads to use the app. You know those commercials you see in the middle of “The Bachelor”? All those roses for production weren’t free.

In reality, the Budget Rent a Car idea was just a much more visible form of the traditional advertising we all see in our day to day lives. Whether it’s that radio or TV commercial, those ads on your favorite app, or the brand name scrawled on the front of your t-shirt, advertisers know how much consumers value a bargain. The challenge now is to not just make these ads something we sift through or ignore for our prize: the discount. How can advertisers engage their audience short of creating a billboard on wheels? As agencies and brands get more creative, we could see more out of the box thinking and more ads in unlikely places.

What’s the strangest (or coolest) place you’ve seen an ad placed?