Get Your Graphics On

With the amount of promotional media we are exposed to daily, advertising has become unavoidable. Your television, radio, phone, landscapes, buildings and just about every surface we encounter is a blank canvas for advertising. In this industry, it all starts with a concept; however, it’s where turning that concept into executed campaigns is where the professionals really come into play.

Graphic designers are the backbone of any great advertising campaign. What’s an idea if you can’t bring it to visual life through design? At Abstrakt Marketing Group, we rely on our graphic designers to deliver messages to targeted audiences. When talking about types of advertising, you may initially think that radio or television ads are harder to develop and execute. Although these types of ads take an equal amount of skill to create, we want to highlight how difficult creating a print campaign can be, including such obstacles as limited space to present an influential concept and the amount of time you may have to deliver it (depending on the medium).

The graphic design team at Abstrakt is a seasoned one. Our top designers, Erich Krause and Ryan Capogreco, both excel in various aspects of the design industry. Each has the incredible ability to express advertising concepts through bold and enticing design.

If your marketing campaign could use some “sprucing” up, be it branding, direct marketing or print design, our team has the solution that delivers.

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