Getting Real Without Google Real Time

As most of you probably know by now, Google has effectively shut down their real-time search feature. Before you go running for the hills and throwing your social media content strategies out the window, take a breath and calm down – it’s going to be okay. Although real-time search has been shut down for now, Google has promised to reinstate it in the future. Until that day comes, there are plenty of ways for your social networks to remain (really) effective.

When it comes to your Twitter strategy, attempt to target your tweets. When you target your tweets, you can take a single piece of content, such as a press release, and tweet about several different topics that were mentioned within that single release. Using relevant hashtags will also increase the visibility of your tweets (for more information regarding hash tag use, reference It’s a HashTag Hoedown).

An additional option for increasing your social media content visibility is through atomizing your content. When you atomize your content, you are sharing interesting information in various networks; the more networks your content is shared through, the higher your visibility and success.

And last–but certainly not least–remember to optimize your content! Keep search engines in mind when you are composing your content; when you appropriately optimize your content, your search results can improve dramatically. Continue to build a strong, effective presence through all of your social media outlets. If your previously established content strategies didn’t include optimizing your content, you are more likely to be affected by Google’s recent loss. All in all, if you are executing your social media strategies effectively you should be safe during the downtime of real-time.