Following the Fusionetics Campaign Redesign

One of our most recent design projects came to us from Fusionetics, a company that offers a personalized system designed to test, analyze and improve human movement and optimize performance for every body. Fusionetics is the Human Performance Company. Their mission is to help people TAP into their human performance potential through a proprietary Test, Analyze and Program solution.

Their previous designs had served Fusionetics well in years prior, but it was time for a new look and feel. Abstrakt’s creative department kicked off the campaign with a trifold brochure redesign for their youth sports division. In partnership with Northside Hospital in Atlanta, the Fusionetics brochure acts as a leave behind for both the hospital and schools in the area.

fusionetics brochure

The second phase of the Fusionetics campaign redesign focused on the company’s pro-sports and college programs.  These pieces were designed with the goal of connecting professional level organizations with Fusionetics unique technology. The pieces were also consciously designed in a fashion that provided the largest amount of information in the smallest amount of space, which resulted in a very accessible marketing asset.

fusionetics sellsheet

The most recent phase of Fusionetics redesign has been focused around their digital campaign. Each piece is designed to inspire people to take very specific actions. Abstrakt’s high-performance landing pages instantly engage consumers with a visually appealing call to action.


The Fusionetics campaign redesign is still underway, but both the client and design team are thrilled with the results thus far. Of course, getting the design right is only one piece of the puzzle, engaging content and strong team behind it is what makes any campaign successful.

If you’re looking to redesign a campaign for your brand, or launch a new one, contact our creative services department – our team has everything you need to get your brand back on track.