Real Winners Don’t Pay for Fans

Have you heard that some businesses pay for their Facebook fans? As unfortunate it is to hear, it’s something that is indeed happening. Aside from the ethical issues that companies must face when making a decision like this, they are more than likely not foreseeing the long-term implications that purchasing fans can have on their overall online influence.

Is growing your fanbase on social sites organically more difficult? Yes; but when you choose to grow your fanbase organically, you are creating genuine relationships. Purchasing fans can have a number of negative effects on your company’s page including:

  • Negative interaction.
  • All quantity and no quality. There is no point in having 10,000 Facebook fans if less than two percent of them interact with your page.
  • Purchased fans are not guaranteed to stay.
  • Your company may appear desperate. Small businesses particularly risk the chance of being “called out” for a sudden jump in fans.

If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry — many still have the misconception that buying fans is a good thing. As great as it is to be popular on social sites and have thousands of fans, it is more crucial for your business to have fans that are engaged and who believe in your brand. We cannot assure you that the road to social site “success” will be an easy one, but we can reassure you that when you finally reach your online goals, you will be much happier with the relationships that you’re company has formed.