Facebook Phone — It’s Not What You Think

Fitting with his desire to make us all just a bit more social, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook unveiled the “Facebook Phone” yesterday. But it’s not what you think. Pairing with your Android device, Facebook Home isn’t an entirely new phone — it’s just a new way to use your current one.

Facebook Home will turn your smartphone’s home screen into a place for the latest updates and news from your favorite social network via its feature called “Cover Feed.” So every morning instead of waking up and checking your email, you’re waking up and checking Facebook — because it’s right there. Found yourself in a Facebook black hole for the last four hours? Just swipe the screen and you’re back to the home screen you already know and love.

While Forbes’ calls it “lipstick on a pig,” investors pushed Facebook stock up three percent after the announcement. But what really matters is you — the potential future user. What do you think of the app? Will you be using Facebook more on your mobile device as a result? Facebook Home will be available for download beginning April 12, so until then, you’ll just have to leave us a comment with your thoughts.