Facebook: Masters of the Video Ad

Big surprise: Facebook is adjusting its news feed algorithm yet again. This time they are manipulating their home page in order to accumulate data about which videos on the website are performing well and which ones are tanking.

Since the early days of videos on Facebook, the main components that drove video popularity were likes and comments. Facebook is now becoming smarter. Their new system will now gather data about how many times the video was started and how long into the video it took people to stop watching. This data will allow Facebook to offer a better video ad program. They will also be gathering data about which members actually view videos as well. Armed with the knowledge of who watches videos and which videos are actually being watched all the way through, Facebook will be able to put together a comprehensive video ad program for many companies.

This news comes at the same time as the announcement that Facebook will be partnering with the video advertising company known as LiveRail. With this acquisition, Facebook intends to turn up the heat on video advertisements. They will now offer a video ad program that will almost be guaranteed to be viewed. Facebook will know who wants to watch the videos and which types of videos that those people will watch. With that being known, Facebook will have an edge above other sites where companies can post video ads.