Everyone Loves “Freebies”

Let’s face it, everybody loves free stuff. “Freebies,” are sample products given directly to consumers by companies.  Companies, big and small, can gain many benefits from giving away ‘freebies’ to consumers. Companies gain many benefits from offering “freebies” to consumers. Companies develops brand recognition towards their products and if they like it, brand loyalty.

In today’s tough economy, consumers are less likely to spend money on products that they are unfamiliar with. Why should you try out that mystery laundry detergent or new shampoo if you know what you have a similar product at home that already satisfies your needs? Many companies that provide freebies, such as Tide and Godiva Chocolate, end up developing lasting relationships with their customers. Also, giving away free stuff –not just samples- generates buzz for you company. People are excited to try something new and they are eager to tell be about it.

There are websites dedicated to getting freebies to consumers. Websites like ICRAVEFREEBIES.COM and hunt4freebies.com are very popular and have a demographic for stay-at-home moms. It is important to hone in on the demographic you want to appeal to. In many cases, these websites ask their members to write reviews of the product that they are sampling. By doing this, consumers feel like they are part of the creative process. Consumers are usually very happy to talk about their freebies. Even if you are testing the sample product, consumers are more forgiving when it is free.

Although there are many benefits to giving freebies, there are risks that need to be taken into consideration. The bottom line is, is that you are providing consumers a free sample of your product. As a company, you must have confidence in your product enough to give a sample away for free, and hope consumers will come back and pay the full price.

Freebies can be the best way to achieve lasting relationships with customers and give them an opportunity to be part of the making of a product. Some products can fail from consumers’ lack of knowledge of the product. Promotions through social media are one of the fastest ways to spread information about a product. Here at Abstrakt, our social media management department could develop a brand or individual product’s social media presence and create an online demand for your product. Here at Abstrakt Marketing Group, we may not be developing your products, but we can help you build relationships with consumers to grow your business. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.