Email Marketing – Grabbing Consumers’ Attention

In today’s digitally-focused world, having a great email marketing strategy is essential now more than ever. Email marketing can help you reach out to customers to inform them about services you offer and how you can meet their needs. These digital campaigns can help you increase your sales and raise awareness about your brand. Here are some great tips to kick-start your email marketing campaign:

A great subject line. PR Daily recent debunked some of the myths of email marketing. One of the subjects they touched upon was the subject line. A common misconception is that a shorter subject line will increase the amount of times your email is opened. This simply is not true – if you have a longer subject line (more than 70 characters), the chance of your email being clicked increase. By having great copy that gets your message across, you have a better chance of catching the interest of a consumer and them looking at your email.

Graphic design. As we’ve discussed, graphic design is an important and valuable asset to your company. Do not underestimate or overlook the power of graphic design to communicate your message. Why? Because a bland, boring design won’t catch the attention of consumers. Likewise, having too much going on with your designs can be just as detrimental to your campaign as it being bland. Simply put, balancing content and simplicity is key. Having a consistent design that communicates your message visually is crucial to having an effective email marketing campaign.

Useful information. Want consumers to keep opening your emails? Provide them with the information they’re looking for. Don’t just promote your business – give them facts about you and your products/services, how you can help address their needs, and why this information is useful to them. A great combination of compelling copy and pertinent information is essential to “keep them coming back” for more.

Email marketing is an essential part of your marketing efforts. It is one of many channels you can use as a business to connect with consumers. Want to start using email marketing but you’re not sure where to begin? Abstrakt can help! We offer email marketing services that can help increase your business. Contact us to begin the journey into email marketing.