Don’t Underestimate the Recruiting Power of Your Website

For many companies, their website is considered a necessity, but they aren’t exactly sure why. They think they need it so they show up in online search results, to have an online presence, to act as a clearing house for all of their product and service information. It is true that a website can do all of those things, but among the most important things that it does do is act as a recruiting resource.

At Abstrakt, we regularly make changes to our website, updating it with new videos, photos and information about our business. Some people think that allocating time every week to do this is unnecessary, but when we are interviewing new hires, 99 percent of them mention our website and how it drew them to submit an application for employment. That’s when we realized that it is one heck of a recruiting tool.

Your company’s website should be used as a tool to explain your businesses story — highlight leadership, showcase company culture and paint a clear picture of what it is that your company does and the individuals who help to make that happen. Those are the things that will make your company a desired workplace for job seekers.

If you’re going to have a website for reasons such as search and web presence, you might as well get the most out of it and use it for recruiting too.