Don’t Skip the Basics on LinkedIn

As the social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great way for your business to get connected with others who are either currently working in (or are interested in) your business’ industry. On average, one person a second joins LinkedIn. With tremendous growth like that, it is essential for your business to be on LinkedIn! Once you join, it’s important to use the platform the best way possible. The first step? Don’t skip the basics.

LinkedIn has features that are cool and useful for small businesses, but take caution when setting up your profile. Jumping in right away and being active on LinkedIn can be tempting, but you should cover the basics first. Make sure your company not only has a profile, but that you have a COMPLETE profile. Here are some tips on ways to make sure your business’ profile covers all the essentials: description, imagery and your staff information.

Have a description. Even if you business’ name is a dead giveaway to what you do, you still need to give people more information about who you are. Add a short description about what your business is and what you do. Don’t forget about the “products and services” tab. This is a place for you to talk about all the amazing things your business offers.

Use images. While having an actual description is extremely valuable, your profile needs to have images. For your profile pictures, keep it professional – the company logo is a safe bet. Also, be sure to have a banner image that accompanies your profile. This is a space where you can be more creative – an exciting, creative company logo or image depicting “who” your business is makes a great solution for this space.

Employees. It looks slightly strange if you have a business that does not have any employees listed. Encourage employees to update their personal LinkedIn personal profiles to reflect that they work at your company. This not only helps your page look more complete, but it also raises awareness for your business with your employee’s connections.

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