Don’t Depend on Demographics

Since the early years of marketing, advertisers have relied upon demographics to lump mass quantities of people into groupings with similar characteristics. Individuals are placed into certain demographics based on gathered research. As we’ve evolved in data gathering research, so too has the way we’ve come to engage with our clients. We have come to see that demographics are no longer the most effective way to market — they are simply another important cog in the research collection. The reason is simple: characteristics within multiple audiences are finding less and less traits in common, making the goal of pinpointing targets that much more difficult.

When individuals signup for Twitter or Facebook, they self-select the groups in which they wish to be classified. In total, there are large numbers of groups that people can select in assigning themselves. For the advertising and marketing gurus out there, this means that using demographics to mass market as in the past won’t be nearly as effective, simply because today’s data collection methods yield a nearly uncountable amount of data.

What’s the good news?

For starters, target audiences are openly giving us insight to their preferences and buying patterns. Consumers are placing themselves into the categories that most interest them, diminishing the guessing game for marketers. Additionally, since we are always “online”, monitoring consumers search behaviors and online activity allows marketers to see what exactly it is that the consumer needs at a seemingly real time basis.

Using new age targeting practices cuts out some of the guesswork and builds business–which is the ultimate goal here. These practices are used greatly to build sales leads and expand the reach of businesses. If marketers are combining quality research and information with well-developed sales skills, there is no reason they shouldn’t see success.

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