Does the “Golden Circle” Method of Marketing Really Work?



The golden circle method of marketing was developed a few years ago by a man named Simon Sinek. It is a new way of thinking about how people respond to different types and methods of marketing a product. It is much different than traditional marketing and only a few companies have really mastered it, but the ones that have figured it out have profited greatly.

The idea behind golden circle is to approach marketing from a different direction. It works from the inside out. You should start by telling the customer why you do what you do. Telling them the reasons behind what you do will appeal to their feelings. It will grab their interest and will be much more meaningful to them if they can relate to your purpose. They will be more inclined to hear you out if their thoughts and ideas are in line with those of your company. This inspiration that you convey to them will lead to a call to action that produces much better results than normal.

The idea behind this way of marketing is to nurture your clients. The more ingrained the clients are with your company, the more likely they are to continue the relationship with you. The key is to make sure that they can relate to the “why” of what you do. Every person has feelings and if you can tap into those, they can be a customer for life. Here at Abstrakt, we have a process in place known as Pipeline where we generate leads for you and conduct the whole process of dealing with the leads. During the phase known as nurturing, we will show them the big picture of your company and connect them to you. Check out how Pipeline can help you today.