Diving Deeper into Public Relations vs. Marketing

Even after discussing in our PR video the differences between public relations and marketing, it’s possible that the differences between the two may still appear a bit blurry.

So let’s dive a little deeper.

For a good point of reference, think of a public relations specialist as an “image shaper”. They have the responsibility of reaching out to the community to enhance an existing reputation for an individual, a company or a brand. Marketing stays true to this as well, however, marketing is also centered around the idea of creating a never before brand from scratch and providing it with the proper elements for growth.

PR is continuing to evolve as both a business art and as a science. Like a marketing campaign—or even a painting—it requires careful, detailed crafting. The real differentiation between public relations and marketing is the fact that public relations is the strategic management function that adds value to an organization. Marketing, on the other hand, is the management process for identifying, anticipating and satisfying the needs for a customer’s brand in a profitable manner. Sounds like a bunch of formal business jargon, eh? In more simplified terms, marketing professionals are responsible for much of the production. While public relations professionals also work on projects that span the spectrum of building a brand, they monitor that production by keeping a sharp eye on all media outlets and social platforms.

At its very core, marketing is the goal of reaching consumers and helping them to think critically, believe in what you are doing and encourage them to willingly join your brand. Public relations should focus the majority of its efforts on cultivating a positive, public reputation.

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