Direct Marketing: Personalized ≠ Personable

The term “can you send me that in an email?” is a phrase you will easily hear 20 times in the AMG office daily. Any message that needs be relayed in-office is expected to be sent via email to colleagues (for efficiency and documentation purposes of course). However great this can be for increasing workplace efficiency or connecting clients with various staff members it got me thinking: does the handwritten memo still have impact?

If you’ve ever cleaned out a space where you stored nostalgic belongings the odds are you have found a box of handwritten cards and letters you previously felt necessary to save. The idea of placing importance on such items is something that most of us do without thinking, which means it’s something your business can greatly benefit from.

Direct mail campaigns keep your company’s message on top of mind for consumers.  A well run campaign can, in itself, be enough to take your business to new heights. However, when you combine a direct mail campaign with additional efforts, say hand written “thank you” notes to your top clients around the holidays, you build even stronger relationships.

When hand written notes aren’t an option, which is a common case when you are sending out thousands of mailers, at least make your piece personable. Simply writing a P.S. on a direct mail piece can make the difference between activating a new client or not. It’s important to remember that personable and personalized marketing are not the same thing—personable pieces have the effect of impacting your target, making them feel individually important. Step up your game and knock out the competition by including personable material in your direct marketing campaigns.

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