Direct Marketing: Email Marketing in 2011

Quick—catch your breath now while you can. After the whirlwind of the holidays and time spent with friends and family, it’s time to buckle up for 2011. As you begin your preparations, don’t forget to take into consideration your email marketing tactics and how you can capitalize on trends for the coming year. Here are a few of the tools and ideas to run with in the coming year.

The Game Changer
It goes without saying—social media has drastically transformed the way we communicate with other businesses and our consumers. Give your readers a reason and the ability to share your content with others. Including sharing and social media tools and links within your email newsletter template allows readers to share your information, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t give them quality content to share. Your newsletter no longer an informational or sales pitch—it’s a conversation, something they can relate to, resonate with and enjoy.

Get a Makeover
You’ve heard “New Year, new you” in some form probably thirty times on television and radio just this week alone. But this phrase can go hand-in-hand with your email design and layout. Don’t hesitate to keep things fresh by updating your email designs each year, every six months, or even more frequently than that. While you’re at it, go crazy—consider integrating your social media and sharing tools into your design.

Be a Better Communicator
This is another way to involve your audience—ask for feedback, offer to answer questions and incorporate these into your letters. You can always do better, and your readers will be the first ones to say so. Being a better communicator also includes segmenting your audience as effectively as possible. The impact of analytics and social media has made email marketing more personal, so don’t alienate your audience—communicate with them.

With 2011 finally here, do you plan on adjusting your email marketing tactics? If so, how?