Destination 2014


This week, the office has been buzzing with talks related to this year’s theme, “Destination 2014”. As a company, we know where we want to go, who we want to be when we grow up. As we share with our teammates our goals and dreams, we’ve asked them to share theirs with us as well. So for Abstrakt, 2014 is all about the destination.

Not only have we imagined our goals, but we’ve planned for them by developing a strategy to keep them within reach. With the excitement of the new year and talk of resolutions, it’s easy for individuals, as well as businesses to get carried away, setting unattainable goals that are quickly tossed aside. Integrating our goals into our yearly plan ensures their not forgotten and stay on the forefront of conversations and decisions. If you’re unsure on how to set goals for your organization, you can find a helpful how-to guide from The Wall Street Journal here.

Having goals, a plan and strategy isn’t enough. We know to be successful we have to have our employees’ full engagement and support. That’s why we’ve developed a reward program that extends throughout the year. Each employee has received a passport that will enter them to win various trips and prizes on a monthly basis.


It’s difficult enough to motivate yourself to stay on course, let alone an entire company. However, tapping into the goals and passions of our employees has shown to be successful in the past and we have no doubt we will all achieve our goals this year, too.

What are your organization’s goals this year? How will you get your employees support? Share your stories with us here.