CTA Keys for Email Marketing


Most every company markets their business and their products through emails. It is a very common occurrence in today’s technical world. If you are not email marketing, you are missing a big opportunity. With that being said, not all email marketing is equal. Some people understand how it works and how to generate responses, others do not. One result that we all desire from our marketing is a reaction from the reader. Creative calls to action can lead to a large amount of responses if done correctly. Here is a list of a few keys that can be used to increase responses from your email marketing:

Load your email with CTAs– The more CTAs the better. Different forms of a CTA can appeal to different people. The more versatile your CTAs become, the better your chance of getting a response.

Clickable links– People love to click things.  Pictures can be one of the most appealing clickable links. A funny or interesting picture may entice someone to click the picture and it could be a link to your website. That is an easy way to generate web traffic. Other links could be certain words that direct them to what that word is talking about. It could be some sort of blog or link to a certain product.

Social media links– The easier it is for a person to show something to their friends, the more likely it is that they will. If you can achieve social network sharing from your email marketing, it can lead to many more views.

Forwarding requests– Emails can be easily forwarded. If you ask for a referral to a friend you could earn a forward to a connection that may be interested in what you offer. Referrals are a great way to earn more shares and views and will help grow your business immensely.

These are just a few keys to help you make your email marketing just a little more interesting. If you could generate more interest within your email marketing, would you? Here at Abstrakt we offer services that can help your email marketing become as great as it can be. Come see how we can help you today.