Creative: It All Starts With a Concept

We’re exposed to creative ad campaigns daily and most of us never think twice about the work behind the imagery and messaging we see. Behind every piece of creative produced is a detailed development and strategizing process. You can be assured that behind even the most simple of ideas lies hours of brainstorming, artistic development and edits.

Before we even begin the production of a creative piece we start with a concept. This is the client’s idea of what they are looking for, from their goals to any creative direction they can provide. Once the concept is clearly outlined by the client, the creative team begins to work its magic. This is where your ideas are turned into something tangible; whether it is a print ad or video, the process is the same. The elements that will contribute to your campaign, such as photos and illustrations, are each individually created or chosen specifically to align with your overall concept for the project.

In a perfect world, creative pieces would be perfect after their first draft, but that’s not typically how the creative world works. Once your concept developed and your piece is mocked-up, the editing process begins. Sometimes this process is quick and painless, other times there is a learning curve to capture the exact look the client is going for. The final feedback received from the client is essential in understanding their brand and future projects.

Take a look at several concept pieces we developed for an automotive client for the upcoming holiday season.

EG-Concept-Banners-(Ho-Ho-Ho) EG-Concept-(Santa-Kid)-copy EG-Concept-(Xmas-Kids)-copy

Need help taking your ideas from concept to creation? We have you covered. Contact our Creative Services department today for more information.