“Check In” to Building Business

Have you heard of Foursquare? With over nine million engaged users, chances are that you have. But if by some off-the-wall chance you haven’t, let us fill you in on the details. Foursquare is a free platform that encourages merchants to market their offers and incentives to customers; customers can “check in” at the merchant’s location to receive said offers.

So what does Foursquare mean for you? More business!

C’mon: we all are looking to build our customer base so it’s time to “check in”. There are five basic guidelines that will keep your Foursquare business from treading water.

  1. Create Simple Specials. Whether you are looking to maintain current customers or create new ones, simple specials are the best route. Offer discounts such as “10% off your bill on Mondays” or “receive a free dessert on your 5th ‘check in’”.
  2. Inform Staff You are a Foursquare Brand. Have you ever presented a coupon or rewards card to an employee at your visiting venue only to be responded to with a blank stare? You don’t want this to happen! Inform staff members of current promotions happening at your venue.
  3. Use the Foursquare Dashboard. The Foursquare dashboard is at the merchant’s disposal once they create an account. The dash provides insightful information about the customer’s “checking in” to your establishment.
  4. Don’t Over-Do It. Make sure you are only offering offers you can afford to offer; giving away too much could be detrimental.
  5. Broadcast Your Foursquare Status. If you broadcast the fact that your business is a Foursquare merchant business will come. People are more inclined to shop/visit locations that offer rewards for doing so. And remember: building your business through Foursquare is a marathon, not a sprint.

Since millions use Foursquare and you are looking to build business, it’s a simple change that could bring in the big bucks. Get to checkin’ in!