Chchachaanges: YouTube Rolls Out More Changes

Instead of trying to convey my thoughts and feelings myself, I figured I would let the voice of Franklin D. Roosevelt do the talking: “I do not look upon these United States as a finished product. We’re still in the making.” Swap “United States” with YouTube and you’ve got how the folks at Google feel.

Over the past few months, their development team has rolled out a slew of new changes to the interface, video manager and now the browser. In a blog post from earlier this week, YouTube announced they would be hitting the Browse page with a barrage of changes. The goal: to help you find the most popular content related to your favorite category.

Let’s say you’re a big gamer. You would like to know “what’s hot” in the gaming world, right? Simply click on the “Gaming” tab and you will be presented with: “Most Viewed Today”, “Popular around the Web” and the top videos from the most popular gaming channels.

YouTube also announced they would be giving their video editor a new face lift. Since its launch, it’s faced a variety of problems—everything from a poor layout to technical glitches during the editing process. From a visual standpoint, it’s almost unrecognizable from its predecessor. Now you will have a sleek timeline and clip editing tool that should—in theory—make the editing process much easier.

Sound off: What do you think of YouTube’s new changes? Will you be more inclined to use the video editor now that it has a timeline?