Can Your Blogger Roll With the Punches?

There are several things you should look for in a writer: consistency, quality and flexibility. How easily can your writers roll with the punches? As companies change, so does messaging and writing style; as product and service offerings evolve, so must writing and communication efforts. Maybe your current efforts just aren’t working as you’d hoped – it takes a confident and willing writer to adjust their style to best fit the needs at hand.

There are many reasons business blogs fail, and they are not all the fault of the writer. If you are going to blog, you need to have realistic and measurable goals established. Stating that your goal is to merely improve website traffic is not enough. How large of a jump in traffic do you plan on seeing? 10 percent, 15 percent? Be sure that these goals are not only clear but relayed to your writer so they know what to work towards. Additionally, if their strategy or topics are blatantly not driving traffic, they will know to change their tactics.

Finally, don’t assume that all writers will automatically know the voice they should be using for your company. Each business is different (as are writers), which means that no matter the effort behind it, sometimes the two just aren’t a match. Know when to work on developing a voice and when to cut your losses – sometimes it’s the best thing for both parties.

We’ve taken a lot of time to get to know our clients and their business goals – it didn’t happen overnight. Over time we have developed strategies that have proven effective in each market we work in and our writers are well versed in the departments they service. To learn more about our writing services, contact us at Abstrakt – we look forward to growing your brand.