Building Your LinkedIn Following

imageLinkedIn is quickly becoming a great medium for businesses to connect with professionals who are interested in their industry or business. Last week, we covered the basics of setting up your business’ LinkedIn profile. Now that your company’s profile is set up and 100% complete, it’s time to build your following. Building your following is important. We emphasized the importance of building your profile and covering all the “basics” because these are all things that make your company more appealing to follow. Why should someone follow you if you don’t even have a complete profile?

Here are some steps to take to help build your following on LinkedIn:

Connect all of your online properties. Do you have a website? Be sure to connect it to your LinkedIn! All of your various social networks should have a link back to your website. This will not only help consumers find out more about you and what you do, but also opens the door for them to discover your other social networks – like LinkedIn – and start following you there.

Groups. Groups are a great way to reach out to people that are interested in what your company offers. Search for groups that are discussing issues related to your business and become a thought leader. What does this mean? This means that you are engaging with active members in your target groups. By engaging users and consistently providing informative content, you will become a trusted provider of information. Consumers will become more trusting of you and your brand will develop a positive reputation.

Marketing Outreach. Direct mail and email marketing campaigns are a great way for people to increase your sales, but did you know that it is also a great medium for building your LinkedIn following? Your marketing campaigns can serve the dual purpose of generating sales and building your online following Use a call to action to encourage consumers to follow your company on LinkedIn and other social networks.

LinkedIn continues to expand – ignoring it isn’t going to help you. Looking for answers to your social media marketing questions? Abstrakt has answers! We’re here to help you out and build your business. We offer social media management service and can build your online presence from the ground up. Contact us to get started!