Building a Brochure That Will Sell

There’s some discussion in the marketing universe that debates whether or not companies even need brochures in today’s marketplace. The short and sweet answer, in our experience, is yes. A good brochures is just as important and basic a tool as your business card. However, unlike your business card that simply introduces you to an individual, a brochure introduces your entire company.  Think of brochures as your company’s silent salesperson, with your prospects even after your salesperson leaves and a constant reminder of your products and services. Well, that’s what the good ones do. So the question remains: how do you build brochures that will sell?

One thing that effective brochures are not – a place for shameless bragging. You are working with a limited space and an audience with a limited attention span, it’s vital to remember those key points. An effective brochure is a couple of things:

– It’s brief. Your brochure is not the place to list out the details, prices and specifications of your products and services – that’s what your sell sheet is for. The content needs to be written in a way that thoroughly outlines what your business does without being too lengthy. Remember, you have to assume the person picking up your brochure knows absolutely nothing about your company.

– It positions your company as being reliable. From the design to the language, your brochure should position your company as a reliable resource. It leaves your prospects wanting to learn more about your business.

– It gives prospects a visual feel for what you do. There are good odds that your brochure will end up in a pile of papers on your prospects desk. While it lays there, it is serving as a visual reminder of your company. And last but not least, it should have your contact information readily available, making it easy for your prospects to contact you.

So is it true that some areas of print marketing are declining? Yes. However, brochures will undoubtedly always have a place one’s list of marketing products. This is your chance to make a lasting impression, are you making a good one?