Branding and Pinterest: An Untapped Market

Pinterest is not just full of old maids planning their dream weddings or pinning their favorite animal pictures.  It is bursting with people, women AND men, that are buying things — lots of things.  If your brand is not on Pinterest, you need to bite the bullet and join the world’s third largest social network

The ultimate question when a brand decides to use a social media platform? “Will I see results?”.  In Pinterest’s case, the facts speak for themselves.  According to Shopify, a web-based e-commerce platform, a buyer referred to a brand’s site from Pinterest is 10 percent more likely to buy something and spend 10 percent more money than visitors from other social media sites.  Pinterest users are also doubling Facebook in average order amounts ($80.00 to $40.00), respectively.  With Pinterest growing at a rate faster than Twitter and Facebook, it’s no wonder why all brands aren’t scrambling to secure their Pinterest username.

Connecting with customers on Pinterest seems like a no-brainer.  Who doesn’t want to see an increase in orders and revenue?  Before your brand becomes a pinning machine, make sure you check out Abstrakt’s previous Pinterest blog for tips about getting started.