Blogging Brainstorms: How You Can Generate Better Content

I’ll admit it. It hurts my brain to think too hard. Sometimes thinking too hard occurs in a brainstorming session. A brainstorming session about what? Um, what to write about because I often get a bad case of writer’s block. And I usually rip the headphones out of my ears and announce it.

So maybe I get a brain ache every so often, but actively deciding to brainstorm puts me in the right frame of mind to toss out ideas, and usually they are beyond irrelevant. But when I throw ideas out to the moon, they somehow travel back to Earth in a way that I can make sense of them and twist them around to argue a valid point.

Which brings me to my next point. Have you thought about how far you can stretch your blog topics? Let’s say you run a t-shirt printing business. You could write about recycling, clothing trends – even the products your ink is made out of (soy, anyone?). If I sold water bottles for a living, I would write about athletes, the importance of drinking enough water everyday and the effects of not drinking enough. I would probably write about the psychology of water bottles that are insulated versus the see-through plastic ones. The possibilities are endless, people.

My point? Give your brain a little yoga class and stretch it. Take a few minutes (and by few, I mean 30) and write out your company’s product or service in the middle. Write down the first five words that come to your head and somehow try to link your product or service to those words. This will help exercise your brain to think outside of the box. The expensive alternative would be to hire a professional brainstormer. I say DIY.







Oh my, look at the time. If you’ll excuse me, I have some brainstorming to attend to.