Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

back to work bluesJanuary has to be, without a doubt, one of the hardest months in business. As excited as we are all that it’s a new year that is filled with countless possibilities, getting back to the grind isn’t always at the top of our priority list. There are some of us out there that missed work over the holidays, and we came back ready to kick this year into full gear. Unfortunately, for every one of those individuals in the workplace, there are 10 who don’t share in the sentiment. However, the month is half over so it’s time for a bit of tough love – it’s time to beat those post-holiday blues, people!

Here are some quick tips on how you can slip back in to your routine (and they’re practically painless!):

Don’t let your inbox pick on you. Normally we all return to work and immediately have a panic attack when we open our inbox. Seriously, we’ve been back for weeks and I’m hearing people complain how they have yet to catch up with their email. The easiest way to avoid getting into a throw-down with your inbox is to tackle it pieces at a time. Start with your priority emails, then move on to the less important ones slowly over a day or so. You aren’t going to make up for a week or two of being out of the office in a matter of hours – accept it and move on.

Assimilate yourself into a regular routine. Chances are that during your holiday break there was little to no routine. Even if there was,  you were probably spending a lot more time lounging around than you’d like to admit. To really “get back in the swing of things” you’ve got to reestablish your daily routine. No more hitting the snooze and barely making it to work on time. If you were a morning person before, you can be one again, we promise.

Reward yourself. Coming back to work after a big break can be hard. Why not reward yourself after a week well done? For example, our office has weekly Drink Cart Fridays. We know you’ve got a lot to do, but maybe the best thing for you is to spend 20 minutes or so with friends and coworkers just shooting the breeze and taking a load off – you deserve it!

It’s normal for people to be in a funk after the holidays, but at least you’ve had a few weeks now to do so. If you have yet to kick your post-holiday blues, try some of our suggestions. If you have any suggestions of your own that have helped you bounce-back from the holidays, leave us a note!