Back to the basics of BRANDING

Look at the tag on your shirt. Or the brand name of your desktop computer. How about that label on your to-go coffee cup? They’re all brands – and clearly marketed well since you’ve purchased them and could likely recognize their logo anywhere. It’s all about the brand. But what it really boils down to is brand loyalty.

Nike brandBut how does a black check mark that says ‘Just Do It’ completely catapult to becoming one of the largest and most recognized brands across the globe?

Interestingly enough, Nike’s growth has never really been about quality. It’s never been the top choice among athletic shoe brands for pro athletes. According to sales and trends over the last eight years, Asics, Mizuno and Saucony are the leading brands for running; cyclists use Shimano, Sidi or Carnac; soccer claims Adidas (hands down); and basketball players usually go for “The Swoosh”. Nike has developed campaigns across varying sports, trends, and styles that have pushed their brand with such a sleek and athletically sophisticated tag. It’s everywhere and in any type of environment. And who doesn’t love a good Nike commercial? I bet you can identify it before the logo even pops up on your TV.

Nike has provided sheer proof that it doesn’t necessarily matter what your product is. It’s all dependent upon how you push it and develop the brand. Are you campaigning? Advertising? Sampling? You could have the world’s most incredible product and no one knows about it – or conversely – a terrible product of minimal quality that has made its way into customer’s hands all over the world.

So when it comes to branding, take a lesson from Nike—just do it.