Are You Inside the Circle of Trust?

For most companies, the number one concern is to expand the company’s customer base. But maybe the goals should be to grow trust within the circle of customers that already believe in your brand, right? One of the proven ways to expand one’s customer base is, of course, establishing a level of trust between all parties involved.

When consumers make purchases, they hit up the Internet search engines and forums first and foremost. Purchases and decisions to establish a working relationship with a business typically stems from what others say. The end result ­— the larger your circle of trust, the better chance of your business potential.

So how do you build your circle?

You build your circle by understanding the following: stories told in small groups matter, site ratings matter, shares and “likes” matter and blog comments matter. If potential customers hear horror stories about working with your company, chances are they won’t choose to work with you. As previously stated, consumers read ratings; ratings are a top influence on whether one decides to make a purchase or not. In the online world of “likes”, shares and +1s, the data helps build brand loyalty influence from friends, fans and previous clients.

These are the new currencies of marketing success online and demonstrate the true value of a strong brand. No matter the size of your current circle, it’s time to build the trust.

If you build it, they will come.